The Journey So Far…

Rydawg Beatz is a Hip-Hop/Rap Producer based out of Wisconsin. Starting his journey at the age of 16, he discovered his roots in production taking heavy inspiration from the hard grunge sound of the SoundCloud era of rap. With streaming platforms on the rise, he decided it was his shot to start working production for the new wave of the Trap sound. SoundCloud acted as his gateway to networking and connecting with new artists and finding his own sound.

In mid 2018, Rydawg started uploading his first Type Beats to YouTube as a way of advertising his beats to up and coming artists. Gaining slow, but steady traction, he started to earn his online presence. He has now amassed over 85,000 views overall on his channel and is continuously uploading to this day.

Rydawg Beatz has worked with multiple artists all around the United States. From Savvy Tha Don of Atlanta, Georgia to making hits like Jump Out with artists from Houston, Texas. As of 2020, after the release of Different Breed and All-Star Ffinesser, Rydawg has plans to release new projects with even more artists in the coming months.